Did Donald Trump Steal “Make America Great Again” From Ronald Reagan?

Many Many people believe that Donald Trump stole the campaign phrase “Make America Great Again” from Ronald Reagan. After all, didn’t Ronald Reagan use the phrase “Let’s Make America Great Again” in his 1980 Presidential campaign? Wouldn’t any American who was alive at the time know that? Wouldn’t anyone who had ever heard of google be able to look that up?

But Trump claims otherwise. He claims that he had never heard the phrase before and it just came to him. In fact, he claims that he tried several different ways of wording it before settling on the final “Make America Great Again”.

To further his case, he also revealed that he also had come up with a second slogan out of the blue that nobody had ever heard of and was wavering back and forth for some time about which phrase to use because he felt strongly about both of them and was convinced that either one would have worked just as well.

Since he has both trademarked and copyrighted both slogans, so nobody but him can ever use them; he agreed to release the second slogan now to prove his point. Who knows, he may use the second one if he runs for president again in 2020.

Here it is below. What do you think?