Can you refuse the field sobriety tests in Texas? Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk answers that question in his fourth commercial, which was his wildest and most dangerous commercial yet. Cops often pressure people to do field sobriety tests by saying they are required under the law, but that isn’t true. You always have the right to refuse these roadside tests and breathalyzers, whether the stop is for DWI, boating while intoxicated, or any other reason. Know your rights, and if you’ve been arrested, call Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk. Find him on Facebook here: Or on Twitter: Subscribe to see future commercials and find the older ones here: Check out his 2016 Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial here: Learn more about your rights here: And keep an eye out for the new commercial coming in August! Big thanks to the people who helped with the commercial: Shot and cut by Jake Sam: Also shot by Cameron & Thomas with Aminal productions: Dakotah with Eagle Marine for providing the snazzy wakeboarding boat: Justin Anderson for providing cast and crew delicious WOATS for snacking: Brittany Lewis with Small Town Brewery for sponsoring the production: James with Voco Crew for providing the awesome music: Cast, crew, and behind the scenes work helped make this possible: Nic, Jake, Calvin, Mac, Taylor, Tahnee, Brittany, Drew, Luke, David & Melissa, Willy, James, Don, Kenny, Josh, Dakotah, Seymour, Justin, Jessica, my dad, my corgi Muffins, and many others. You guys are awesome!