Steve Martin’s first major television appearance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1968.

The Smothers Brothers

The Smothers Brothers, Tom and Dick, are one of the most iconic comedy duos in the history of television. Tom and Dick began performing as a duo in the late 1950s, playing in coffeehouses and clubs in San Francisco. Their act consisted of music, comedy, and witty banter, which quickly gained them a following.

The Smothers Brothers became a household name in the late 1960s with their variety show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. The show was groundbreaking in its approach to comedy, pushing the boundaries with political satire and social commentary. The show also featured up-and-coming musical acts, including The Doors and The Who, and introduced the world to comedians like Steve Martin and George Carlin.

The Smothers Brothers’ irreverent style has made them a beloved and enduring force in American comedy.