Welcome to DAILY JOYTIME and today’s video is about tv bloopers, They Forgot They Were live and Did This.

When live tv goes according to script you get compelling informative content. When things go wrong you get content that ends up on this channel. Tv bloopers that just get better till the end.

▶️ Here are the Best Moments They Forgot They Were Live And Did This:

For those of you interested on HOW I MAKE MY VIDEOS, I start with research on each topic to find the best way to tell the story in most funny, interesting and entertaining way. Then I am sorting and editing (In Final Cut Pro X studio) clips in order to make the best watch experience for you guys 🙂 I use different stock footages (both free and paid), clips of videos that I can find related to the video and search images to visualize the narrative and story that I’m trying to tell – I do Cuts, Slow-Motions, Play-backs, Reverse plays and add elements, images, memes and much more.
Then comes the WRITING.. I am trying to use DRY english humor and COMMENTATE/REPORT/REACT about all the moments happened in the video to make it more entertaining and super-pleasurable to watch!
And of course you all know my funny intros and especially outros you all love for each video – each one is different with some kind of funny voice impersonation :))
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Then I research and add background music that most fit to the topic and i do play a lot with volume editing, cuts, sounds etc. to make it sound perfect.
After all this is sorted together I start FINAL editing and revising of the video – I do more Cuts, Slow-Motions, Play-backs, Reverse plays and add more elements to get the best final output.
The commentary/editing style is unique and adds value by putting it into my own style and commentating all the clips stating my opinions/making it funnier in addition to a myriad of edits to the videos which transforms the work making it different and unique each video.
I literally spend 8-14 hours everyday by producing my videos and i love it! ))

▶ This reporter held a giant snake. She suddenly turned into an opera singer.
▶ At the beginning of any relationship it’s good to get the important questions out of the way early.
▶ The best bloopers are when you don’t know the cameras are rolling.
▶ When the audio guy loops a mic into the master feed the results are kind of creepy.
▶ It’s a testy situation but at least this official has the balls to say something.
▶ When giggles turn into hysterical laughter there’s no turning back.
▶ Be a reporter they said get out and see the world they sai and the nominee for 2021’s best cyber security expert is!!
▶ Blink and you’ll miss it but this reporter’s career took this girl.
▶ It’s either a teleprompter fail or early dementia you decide.
▶ This reporter either had a long weekend or an even bigger night out.
▶ When you butcher a pronunciation that bad.
▶ Casey has got zero chill 7 o’clock this evening both will expire at 10 o’clock in the morning what’s up casey
▶ Ma’am i don’t mean to alarm you but there’s a dinosaur behind you.
▶ I’m guessing this teacher was glad for the early cutaway.
▶ The best way to get over a wardrobe malfunction is to own it.
▶ It surely a woman of her uh stature could pick up the biggest dumbbell with ease.
▶ This reporter is losing the battle against the elements.
▶ This reporter has it way worse.
▶ I’m sorry what did you call it just goes on.
▶ This reporter looked too irresistible not to munch on.
▶ Have you ever wondered if presenters wear pants?
▶ Dad oh my god i’m on the news could you not?
▶ Big hugs and mini skirts don’t mix.
▶ Weather is the biggest enemy of live tv everywhere.
▶ Streamers should check the live button before acting up on cam.
▶ This glaze burger is good for when you’re blazed.
▶ Is this true love or love for donuts? What do you think?

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